Team Acme

Rahul JitendraManaging Director

Shalin Shah Jt. Managing Director

Raj Joshua Managing Director (Bangladesh)

Sangeeta Mishra Marketing Director

S. K. Mukherjee Technical Director

Asim Faridi Syed Director (Garments)

Deepak Thawani Head (Trading)

Shobha Philip Head (Yarns)

Rajesh Rathod Head (Fibres)

SilviHead (Fabric & Home Textiles)

Krishi ShahHead (HR)

Kamal LalwaniMarketing Manager (Soft Goods)


Rahul Jitendra joined the LP Group in 1995 entering the domestic yarn marketing business and formed Acme International Ltd setting the pace for the group’s exports. He has been the catalyst in transforming the company from a singe product yarn with which it started to multiple products which include fibre , yarns , fabric , hometextile and garments making it one of India’s leading textile buying house. Starting with Hongkong he has been instrumental in developing the markets of USA , Canada , Latinamerica , Europe , China and many others as well as in establishing the companies offices in various markets. A graduate in B.Com and a Postgraduate in Business Management, he also holds an International Business Management degree. His strengths include sighting potential business opportunities and converting them into profitable business verticals, settling them and moving further. His profile includes directing all aspects of the company including financial performances, strategic business plans and creating and developing a team of professional employees to take the businesses forward keeping intact the core values and instilling within the team the motivation and passion for performance. Multilingual in English, Hindi and Gujarati he focuses on enhancing and improving customer service. His belief that “business follows relationships”, “under-promise and over-deliver” and “create a joyous working environment” have stemmed the current vision statements . His interest includes reading business magazines, swimming, billiards and watching movies.

Shalin Shah joined the LP Group in 2001 with the aim to expand export business under Acme International Ltd. & open new markets. He successfully developed new markets in Singapore, Philippines, Egypt, Srilanka, Turkey, Israel & marked Acme’s strong presence there and currently heads the teams in charge of these markets . Being a B com graduate he possesses Post Graduate degree in Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Cardiff University, UK. Considering IT as the backbone of the Group he is actively involved in technological advancements within the group to enhance efficiency & edge out the competition. Multilingual in English, Hindi & Gujarati he focuses on enriching customer / principal experience by providing services like no other and is their preferred partner. His active interest in Fashion & Designing has led to building up Brand EERA for Women Bottom Wear as well as forward integration of the group by making a foray in Garment manufacturing to increase product basket in retail.

His Never to give up attitude & love for Altitude professionally & personally has proudly flagged LP Group & its brands at a height of 5364 meters. A gadget geek who is adventurous and Explorer by nature he likes Photography, Hiking, Music & Travelling.

N Joshua Raj joined ACME group in 2008, after an extensive experience of 23 years in the field of exports and textiles, from Daewoo (South Korea) and Surya Group. He had as an academic background of MBA in International Marketing from Europe and a Graduation in Computer Science. He always believes in the mental and physical well being of a person makes one most competitive in this changing world of competitions. Being instrumental in establishing the brand ACME at Bangladesh, he has always worked with commitment and credibility to promote ACME as a reliable business associate for Textile products.
His profile includes operating ACME Bangladesh as a profit centre of ACME International Ltd catering to different products as required in the market from Cotton to Garment. His In-depth knowledge of his products and his excellent relationships with people of all ages and varied backgrounds makes him, the most approachable at all levels.
Raj believes in that there is never a “wrong time” to learn a “right thing” and once he is into something he ensures blood and soul for the same. Being born and brought up from South India he is very cosmopolitan in his outlook and has a multilingual ability to converse in English, Hindi, Telugu and Bengali. Being a philanthropist at heart, he has always accredited the superpower God in all his achievements. Apart from work he is also actively involved in service to the aged and underprivileged. His other interests are travelling, photography, adventure and fitness.

Sangeeta Mishra joined ACME International Ltd in 2013 with a background of 18 years experience in the areas of Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Client Servicing and People Management in Telecom and Banking sectors.
Having graduated in Science and Postgraduate in Business Administration, her strength lies in managing excellent relationships across customers and industries and is very well connected within the same. She is a strategist and an implementer with proficiency in spearheading operations as well as business with an aim to accomplish the decided targets. Adroit in exceptional organisation skills, she has a positive personal attitude and strong sense of commitment.
Adaptive in all kinds of situations and environments, survival anywhere on the globe is her mantra. Multilingual in English, Hindi, Oriya, Telugu and Bengali she can adapt to all kind of cultures and believes that the root of strength lies in her deeply cultured upbringing. Besides her work, her interest lies in reading, cooking, music and travelling.

Mr. SK Mukherjee, a certified Textile Technologist joined the group in 2004 and is currently involved in all technical aspects. He guides a team of technical specialists with the sole purpose of ensuring zero quality check error. In 2006, he had been instrumental in the introduction of raw cotton business for export due to his deep knowledge in the field and from time to time has been active in introducing new products to the group’s product basket.He has 38 years of industrial experience in serving at different technical positions like MD, Advisor and as GM for various textile manufacturing companies. His area of expertise is spinning and he has received many awards of “best spinner” in Ahmedabad.He has received a merit certificate by Switzerland Rieter com4. For his paper on Spinning Technology presented in front of Dignitaries from Switzerland. He has a self-published paper on cotton: Comprehensive Analysis of US Cotton with India.

He loves his sports as much as his work. He doesn’t miss on any of the cricket, lawn tennis, badminton, and football live matches. Being one of the eldest in the group at the age of 72 his passion for work inspires all within the group.

Asim Faridi joined Acme International in 2015 and is currently serving as ‘Director Of Garments’ for the group.
He was brought into the group to create and spearhead the garments division across both international sourcing and domestic retail. His profile includes business development of the apparel buying house division, launching in-house and international brands in the Indian domestic market and supporting all ventures connected to corporate marketing.
He is currently pursuing MBA in Retail Management to serve better the objective of the group as it spreads its wings in Apparel Retailing. In his career spanning 20 years, he has worked with 30+ international brands and across various profiles like Brand Management, Retail Brands, Product Development, Sourcing, Manufacturing and Marketing.
His exposure to international and domestic brands has helped him evolve an acute sense in reading market analysis, understanding fashion trends, forecasting consumer buys and collaborating with various stakeholders.
He is multi-lingual and speaks English, Hindi, Kannada and a hint of Tamil,
Asim Faridi was a bit of a rule breaker in his conservative, middle-class world as he grew up, which shows up in his decisions which are more contemporary and futuristic.
He believes that “design” permeates everything that we see, hear, feel, experience and breathe. Our lives are driven by “Design” and sold by “Brands”, he adds!
He loves soccer, painting, music, and everything creative.

Deepak Thawani started his endeavor with ACME International Ltd from January, 2013 after working for almost 8 years staying in China which made in adept at the Chinese culture and language. An accomplished Export Manager with a proven ability to develop and implement real time strategies that support business and financial objectives of the company. With 10 years’ experience of working with multi-functional teams and global business units in Hongkong equipped with his knowledge of the language and affinity with the Chinese culture as well as people, he has been able to make a substantial contribution to the development of the Chinese market which stands out today as Acme’s biggest market

As a graduate in commerce his strength lies in management, leadership, importing and exporting. He prioritizes professional communication in all aspects of management while interacting with employees, clients or other businesses. He has excellent administrative experience and manages to organize multiple orders straight and on time. He employs his extensive knowledge of business administration and textile industry to achieve higher success in exports and imports of yarns.
He keeps himself up-to-date with changes in the industry through continuing professional development. Apart from this his hobbies include travelling, listening music and trying to know different culture.

Mrs. Shobha Flecher joined Acme International in 2006 in the Yarn Marketing Department.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce followed that she worked in the Customer Service Dept at First Flight Couriers for 3 years and then for a year in the HR Dept of Italia Glass Pvt. Ltd. With her firm belief in working hard over smart thinking she has broadened the global business basket of the group to European and Mauritian market with her indefatigable behaviour.Starting from a Junior Merchandiser and now with 10 years experience in Acme she now heads the complete yarn merchandising leading a team of more then 10 merchandisers . She has been key in developing new markets like Europe , Iran ,Mauratius and handles this independently . Sincerity at work and honesty on the face are her trademarks.
She loves to indulge in DIY craft activities during her free time for her behavioural growth.

Rajesh Rathod joined the LP Group in 1997 with Acme International Ltd and has been with the group for the last 20 years in the group’s exports division. One of the oldest team members almost since the company’s inception originally his profile includes handling shipping documents and follow up on the filed documentation / commissions. With time he has been able to learn and jumped into the cotton exports area in 2006 when the group entered in cotton exports . From them he has been key to growing the fibre business and was eventually given responsibility of heading the independentlyfibre business. He handles customers in various markets selling both raw cotton and cotton independentlywaste products like comber noil , flat waste , lickering and process cotton . He holds a graduate degree in B.A, and is an avid reader. Multilingual in Gujarati, Hindi and English. He strongly believes in, ‘Regular offering to customer and Relationships’.which has helped in grow the business to new customers and maintaining relations and strengthening them. He is a cricket enthusiast and a movie buff.

Sivli joined ACME International in 2014 in the home textile department. She started her career in 2006, from 5 star garment export company as a trainee and worked in various departments focused on production , quality check and Industrial engineering. She has a deep knowledge of products and their manufacturing process. With her expertise in the field of merchandising and marketing she is currently heading home textiles department at ACME . Her profile includes generating export business for home textile products and to provide best customer services in terms of meeting deadlines and best quality product. Along with this she also ensures best sourcing of products at optimum price for our in-house brand ‘ CASA COPENHAGEN’ . She believes in team work and always provides free atmosphere to her team for working. Her in interests include exploring new places and listening to new music

Krishi Shah, a Post Graduate in Human Resources, joined the LP Family in the year 2013. Having worked with a startup in her previous company for 2 years, she is now a part of a big fat family of about a 100 team members, She was brought in the group to effectively implement the HR Practices of the company and to formalize the way of working as the group started growing Her ideology is to “Lend an Ear” which makes her approachable at any point of time. She joined with a smile on her face and has made sure to spread the same amongst all in the group. Her hobbies include travelling, trying new restaurants, listening to music and meeting new people.She is involved in recruitments , employee appraisals and focuses to ensure the groups vision of “creating a joyous working environment” are met. Apart from HR activities she also leads the groups CSR efforts of giving back to the society in the areas of education / health

Kamal joined ACME International Ltd in 2019 with a background of 21 years experience of working & living in China. Well experienced in areas like International Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Sourcing, Client Servicing in Apparels and Textile Industry.

Having graduation in Commerce (B.Com), his strength lies in exploring new markets and increasing business in same, travelled in 20+ countries for marketing to keep developing business, well skilled to manage long term relationships with customers and in industries and is very well connected within the same. Always being updated with Industry through regular market watch and trend,  A well versed  Export Manager with a proven aptness to expand and execute real time blueprint that support business and financial intents of the company. He is a tactician and an expediter with aptitude in pioneering operations as well as business with a goal to attain the decided targets. Polished in unprecedented organisation efficiencies, he has a positive personal inclination and strong adhesion.

Multilingual in EnglishChineseArabic and Spanish. Flexible in all kinds of circumstances and surroundings, survival anywhere on the globe is his principle. He can easily transform to all kind of cultures and believes that the root of resistance lies in his deeply cultured nurturing. Besides his work, his interest lies in Gym, Cooking, Music and Sports.