Compliances / CSR

The Perfect Blend Of CSR


At Acme social responsibility is first demonstrated within the organization. From conforming to all legalities to fair pricing, from keeping up its promise of highest quality products to dedicated services, from being honest to practising and promoting high standards of ethics throughout the company, we believe that Acme acts as a socially responsible corporate citizen.

At the same time, it hasn’t overlooked the wealth of opportunities that exist in society and the community at large. At the group level the “LP Charitable Trust “ has been formed which is extensively involved in the areas of education and health. From conducting blood donation camps to distributing school books and kits to the poor children for their education to supporting blind men’s association, planting trees, adopting girl child’s and many more activities are a daily part of the groups CSR activities and all members of our team enthusiastically take part in these activities. As a company, we strongly believe in giving back to the society what we got from it and each year part of the companies profits are donated to the groups “LP Charitable Trust” to increase their scope of activities.

Social Compliance


ACME’s social compliance is a result of conformance to the rules of social accountability by the extended organization including not only the organization’s own policies and practices but also those of its supply and distribution chains. It is a continuing process in which it keeps on looking for better ways to protect the health, safety, and fundamental rights of their employees, and to protect and enhance the community and environment in which they operate.